Sunday, 2 July 2017

View From The WIndow

It is cold and outside the grey clouds are gathering to make the day fairly miserable yet again, you wouldn't be inspired to write "hazy, lazy, crazy days of summer" these days as you think about turning the heating on or flashing up the wood burner. There is more chaos outside than normal at the moment, the National Grid turned up and cordoned off a part of the road outside the PO causing much distress for neighbours without a parking place, they dug a hole in the road and once they had finished put a letter through our doors informing us they were going to dig a hole in the road and they were sorry for the inconvenience. I have had dealings with the National Grid before and sorry is not in their vocabulary.

We now have traffic lights for a fifty yard stretch of the road, normally this would work fine but when every spare inch of space has parked cars on it the system doesn't work as buses, caravans and even 4x4's don't have enough space to get through so mayhem ensues. I stood and watched incredulously as one of the Grid drivers backed a truck into a confined space with one hand on the wheel while talking to someone on his phone. I was tempted to do my civic duty and leap to the keyboard to complain but as no one would bother and he didn't hit my wall I left it. My harridan of a neighbour from Castle Doom up in the corner did not let it go and got the work to stop and everything to move so she could get her car up the road to the side of the house.

I hope you are not looking to see any improvements in the NHS over the coming years, there seems to be a section of the population who do not realise the system is a basket case. Women from Northern Ireland who used to pay for an abortion in England will now get it free, other groups want the NHS to do womb transplants in the future into men who think they are women, some parents now think shyness is a medical condition and that the NHS can allot time and money to turning their wallflower children into super confident cool dudes at school. Nose jobs, boob jobs, gastric bands, gender ops, it is time the NHS stopped social engineering and did what it was set up to do, simply heal the sick.

And on social engineering I noticed a website or article last week dealing with ancestry which had to mention that the person it was looking up had two parents, now how about that, the old days, imagine looking up your ancestors in another fifty years or so?

If you still use LGBT or utter this in keeping with your liberal views you will be in for trouble, it is now LGBTTIQQ2S,now there.s a mouthful, you can probably guess at most of them, but the I is Intersexual, for you and me that is neither male nor female? The Q's are Queer and Questioning, I am not sure anyone can explain the modern use of Queer but Questioning is a beaut, it applies to people who are concerned about applying a social label to themselves, mmmm. And guess what, American Indians, oops, North American Indigenous People, get 2-Spirited which for them means all of what comes before. It's a nightmare to keep up.

I can't even think what the bottom one is.

Last week it was being trumpeted that women are the stronger sex, and in a bid to prove it yachting is the next target, women now want to be allowed on to the big yacht crews in the name of equality. Now women can do many things better or just as good as a man the same way some guys do much better than me at electrics or putting up shelves or starting hedge funds. But what I could not do is crew a competitive yacht, one of those big beasts, I am too puny, always have been, I accept that. But not the ladies, or certain ladies, in the spirit of equality let them turn up at the big race with an all female crew and simply see how well they do or play in the men's football league or play against men in the same number of sets at tennis, there's equality for you. And undermining their whole point, the organisers will now offer any crew which ditches a man to have two women in his place, the defence rests m'lud.

Splice and hoist the mast thingy C'pn..........

 Someone has leaked that NASA is on the verge of announcing alien life, this is the same NASA that cooked the books on climate temperatures. I am with the movie LIFE on this subject, be careful what you wish for.

Now, HMS Queen Elizabeth, a beautiful(?), big up yours mate, Britain matters. Sadly she doesn't have any planes and is unlikely ever to have more than a dozen. Due to the fact we only now have nineteen proper warships (and about fifty admirals) we would be hard pushed to protect two carriers in a conflict, we have another on the stocks don't forget. I predict the second will be sold or mothballed in the next few years. We cannot get enough men, and women Reg, to man what we have, the army is fast approaching the manning levels of Captain Mainwaring's Home Guard and the RAF, well enough said. As I mentioned above we now have more Admirals than ships, more Generals than Brigades and nearly enough Air Marshall's to fly a plane each while the troops go without.

Now that's a navy.

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